Dental Implants

Are missing teeth causing you to hide your smile? Do you have problems speaking or chewing comfortably because of a missing tooth?

Aside from cosmetic concerns, replacing a missing tooth is also essential for maintaining good oral health.

Here at Boca Smiles Dentistry, we understand the profound effect that tooth loss can have on your comfort and your self-esteem. Our goal is to restore your smile to full function while enhancing your appearance, and dental implants help us do both!

Replacing Missing Teeth Is Important

Deep within your jaw, a process of regeneration is continually taking place. The presence of tooth roots helps stimulate this regrowth of healthy tissue.

But when a tooth and its root are lost, the process comes to a halt. In time, your jawbone deteriorates, becoming thinner and losing density. This leads to a sunken or aged appearance, receding gums, loose teeth, and, eventually, more missing teeth.

Dental implants stop this deterioration in its tracks. The titanium post of the implant functions just like your natural tooth root and stimulates the jawbone to resume the process of self-restoration.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant acts as a complete tooth replacement when a tooth is lost. The implant itself is a small titanium post that Dr. Raymond Lee places in your jaw during a procedure at our office.

As the implant heals over a period of several months, the post integrates securely with surrounding bone and tissue in your jaw. Eventually, the implant becomes a permanent part of your dental anatomy.

Once this healing process is finished, we will attach a restoration to the implant. This restoration is the visible portion of your tooth. The restoration may be a crown, bridge, or denture, and it allows you to eat, speak, and smile confidently again. These are all excellent options, and we will work with you to determine which is the best choice for you.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Dentures are an excellent way to replace teeth, but they have a reputation for being loose or uncomfortable and for slipping and shifting unexpectedly. But dentures held in place with dental implants offer the best of both worlds.

First, we place your implants, then we design your dentures with attachments that line up with the implants. After the implants have healed and integrated, your denture is attached. The result is beautiful, natural-looking dentures that will stay firmly in place when you sneeze, laugh, or eat your favorite foods.

Please Call to Schedule Your Consultation

If you are missing a tooth, please call Boca Raton dental implants dentist Dr. Raymond Lee to arrange a consultation. Dr. Lee will answer your questions, evaluate your needs, and let you know if dental implants are a good choice for you.