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At Boca Smiles Dentistry, we believe we can provide the highest standard of dental care by developing patient relations built on trust and mutual respect. But the best modern dentistry is a combination of personalized care and state-of-the-art dental technology that streamlines your visit.

Dr. Raymond Lee is dedicated to ensuring that you always receive the most updated dental care, and he demonstrates that commitment by completing many hours of continuing education each year and researching and implementing new technologies that improve your dental experience.

Please take a moment to check out the technology we use to provide you with comfortable, efficient, and productive oral health care. 

Digital X-Rays

Part of every exam at Boca Smiles Dentistry includes a visual check of your mouth to identify obvious problems that are developing and require our attention. But in some cases, even the most comprehensive visual exam can't tell us what we really need to know – what's happening inside your teeth.

Many common dental problems like decay and infection start deep within your tooth and can do a lot of damage before you even know they're present. The only way we can identify these issues and treat them successfully is with digital dental x-rays.

A digital x-ray allows us to see the smallest details with a high-resolution image. This is valuable because Dr. Lee can spot problems long before they do any damage. Since we can see the finest details with a digital image, these x-rays are also a valuable educational tool. We can share them with you and manipulate the image so you can see the problem for yourself and better understand why treatment is necessary.

Aside from being a valuable diagnostic tool, digital x-rays are much safer than film x-rays because they expose you to about 95 percent less radiation. Even so, we only take x-rays when needed, and we further protect you by using a lead apron.

Since the images are stored on our secure in-house network, we can easily access them to monitor conditions or send to your insurance company or to specialists. And since there are no chemicals used with digital x-rays, they are safer for the environment!

TVs in Treatment Rooms

At Boca Smiles Dentistry, we do everything possible to ensure that your time with us is pleasant, comfortable, and stress-free.

We are pleased to offer TVs in all our treatment rooms because we know distraction is a valuable tool for helping take your mind off what's happening around you and allowing you to sit back, relax, and get the treatment you need.

Rotary Endodontics

Dr. Lee and our team understand the fear that many people experience when facing treatments like a root canal. But treating an infected root canal is vital to relieve your pain and save the tooth, so we do everything we can to ensure that your treatment is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

One way we do this is with rotary endodontic technology. Endodontics is an area of dentistry concerned with the study and treatment of dental pulp, the innermost area of your teeth.

When we perform a root canal, we remove infected pulp using specialized endodontic tools. In the past, dental files were used to manually clear away the infection, but the process could be long and uncomfortable for the patient.

At Boca Smiles Dentistry, long, drawn-out root canals are a thing of the past because we use state-of-the-art rotary endodontics. Instead of files, Dr. Lee uses an electric handpiece that speeds the process and eliminates the filing and drilling noise that can produce anxiety for many patients.

Digital Sensors

Our digital x-rays are safer and more efficient than film, but we also use another technology called digital sensors to make the process more comfortable.

You may remember having an x-ray taken while you bite down on a clip that holds the film in place. Not only was this uncomfortable, but in many cases, the x-ray would need to be retaken to get a clear image.

Flat digital sensors are used similarly but are typically less bulky than film and have smooth rounded edges. The sensor captures images in high-resolution, improving your comfort and allowing us to diagnose dental problems while they are small and easy to treat.

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